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You can come to Trollklinten and stay in the cabin Utsikten and experience the calm and silence near the nature. The cabin is situated by the shore of Arksjön where you also find the sauna. Do you want an active staying we offer several activities and we can arrange others as your wishes.





We at Trollklinten offer activities where you can enjoy our amazing nature. If you want to pick berries we will show you where to find blueberries and raspberries in the forests. After a day in the mountains you you can even bring home a bucket of golden cloudberries. It´s wonderful to take a walk and enjoy the silence here. Perhaps you will get a glimpse of a moose or fox and even capture it with your camera. Take a trip with the raft on the lake and go ashore on an island for a “swedish fika”: a cup of coffee and a bun; or enjoy a lunch onboard. In our activity house we bake our special flatbread, and if you want to learn how to do that, we love to  teach you. And with at least 5 looms in the activityhouse, you can weave your own tablecloth for instance.


The cabin Utsikten is situated by the shore of Arksjön. In the cabin there are two bedrooms with two beds in each. The kitchen is combined with the living room and in a corner there is a sofa bed which offers another two beds. In the kitchen you make your own food and there is both a refrigerator and a freezer. The cabin also has a bathroom. By the lake you will find the sauna for a hot bath after a day outside.




Here you can fish both in the summer and in the winter. We have several alternatives for you nearby Trollklinten: lakes, rivers and small lakes with salmon, trout, charr, grayling, laveret, pike and perch. You can hunt in mountains and forests for grouse and forest bird.


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